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SYI Tech: Empowering NonProfits with Data & Storytelling

Rosa E. Mitsumasu Scotti ~ Friday, August 15th, 2014

Here’s an undoubtable fact: the Internet’s changing the face of philanthropy.

With today’s various social media outlets, anyone can champion a mission or project, create a message, and instantly share it with the world. Nonprofit organizations have turned to Twitter and Facebook to share their stories, relying on volunteers, supporters, and community managers to share photos and stories promoting their work.

But how do we manage this overload of information? How do we know our message is being reached, emails read and online-campaigns clicked? And how do we know what to do next? As volunteers and campaign managers turn to online tools to share their missions; how do they measure progress and share with their community, organization and board of trustees? SeeYourImpact (SYI) has the answer - it’s called the Champion Tool, an innovative solution developed by SeeYourImpact Technologies (SYI Tech).

SeeYourImpact: Data, Storytelling & Fundraising

Initially built as a storytelling platform, SYI was founded to give nonprofits the opportunity to share photos and tell success stories about the organizations’ end-beneficiaries like this one. Nonprofits from every corner of the globe highlighted the impact of their work through the eyes of locals — such as children that received books to support their education, women who built a community center, and microfinance entrepreneurs that were able to open a business.

SYI developed the Champion Tool to guide nonprofit champions in the process of mission advocacy and donor retention. The platform, based on cloud storage and mobile applications, empowers nonprofit champions to scale their impact year round by connecting with the right members of their networks — using the right content — at the right time..

With the Champion Tool’s built-in dashboards and intuitive playbooks, nonprofit advocates can easily identify strong supporters, reach contacts in every social channel with relevant messaging, and keep their community coming back year round. The system synthesizes key engagement metrics into an easily digestible set of actions that any champion can leverage for success. Sharing a new video about your nonprofit? The Champion Tool will analyze how your network reacts to the video and help you follow up with every connection — in the right way — depending on their level of engagement.

Anyone can advocate for a cause with the SYI Tech platform, improving fundraising and donor retention.
Anyone can advocate for a cause with the SYI Tech platform, improving fundraising and donor retention.

 SYI Tech: Mobile Platforms

SYI Tech brings data analytics and mobile platforms together to guide nonprofit champions in the process of targeting, activating and engaging supporters.

According to Digvijay Chauhan, founder of SeeYourImpact, 75% of donations are the result of word of mouth, as reference from friends and families.  SYI Tech provides intuitive data-driven tools for anyone that has access to mobile technology, an Internet connection and passion for a cause.

With the Champion Tool anyone can champions a mission: sharing photos, telling stories, managing donor engagement and retention with cloud technology and mobile devices.

Right now SeeYourImpact is mainly US focused, but it’s growing fast: “Fundraising from individuals in the US is not as common [as it’s in] Europe so we’re focusing on the national market” said Brian Donaldson, CEO of SYI Technologies, “you get a nice network effect because [with the Champion Tool] you tap into volunteers, community managers, event table-captains, and get access to their network for effective fundraising.”

Interested in the Champion Tool? Contact SeeYourImpact directly at info@seeyourimpact.org, check out their websiteor stop by 220 & Change, where the team meets at Impact HUB Seattle – our coworking space.

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