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Seattle People’s Climate March

Rosa E. Mitsumasu Scotti ~ Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

On September 21 New York City hosted the largest Climate March in History.

Over 400,000 peopled marched to express their frustration with current global climate change leadership, as 100+ world leaders gathered in NYC.

As one of the most forward cities in clean energy and sustainability, Seattle residents raised their voice to support the march in NY.  Here are some photos of the Seattle People’s Climate March, which started on Westlake Park and culminated in the water front at Elliot Avenue, near Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

Getting ready for the march at 4th and Pine
‘Stopping the Coal Train’ was an intrinsic part of the march, highlighting the fuel’s GHG emissions and air pollution in WA state
Participants of the People’s Climate March chanted for the use of clean energy sources like wind and solar
Many political groups participated and raised their voice at the Seattle People’s Climate March
People chanting for climate leadership, mentioning the impact of climate change on current and future generations
People marching in Downtown Seattle (2nd Ave) towards the waterfront, asking for effective climate leadership and awareness from the public 


People waving various flags including the Corporate America Flag, which criticizes the ‘omnipotent control of corporate America’ and it’s role in global climate change. 
Political parties and campaigns were central in the march, voicing for a change in governmental leadership at the state and federal level
Large nonprofits like the Nature Conservancy and Citizens’ Climate Lobby were present and outspoken in the People’s Climate March
The march continues West towards the water front
People gather by Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park at the end of the march and play music, some sit at the train tracks to protest against the coal trains.
The march culminates in a circle by Elliot Bay near the waterfront to recognize the people, motivations and goals for climate action.


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