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SalaamGarage: A Photo Exhibit

Rosa E. Mitsumasu Scotti ~ Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

What a glorious summer we have ahead!

And to initiate this beautiful season 220 & Change opened it’s doors for Art Walk / First Thursday on July 3rd. We featured The Long Road Home: Aging-Out of Foster Care, a photographic exhibit by SalaamGarage, a digital story telling organization that produces media for social change.

The photographs tell stories about men and women that went through the foster care system and now face different challenges, as adults: “Our goal is for individuals [who aged-out of foster care] to experience these stories and see they are not alone”, said Amanda Koster – President & Founder of SalaamGarage, “[we want] to inspire communities to engage in social documentary projects in their own back yard”.

Check out the photos of last Thursday’s event, and visit 220 & Change to learn more about our business center, mingle with social entrepreneurs and experience this beautiful photo exhibit in the lobby.

First Thursday guests check out The Long Road Home: Aging-Out of Foster Care exhibit at 220 & Change
Photos and stories facing 2nd Ave Ext at 220 & Change
Amanda Koster, President & Founder of SalaamGarage (center) talks about the project with visitors.


Guest smiles as I take a picture of him while he admires our exhibit at 220 & Change
Guests enjoying the photo exhibit
Guests read the stories featured in The Long Road Home: Aging-Out of Foster Care photo exhibit at 220 & Change.



































































Missed the show? No worries! Join us again for Art Walk / First Thursday on August 7th – the show must go on!

For inquiries about SalaamGarage, check out their website.

Interested in displaying your art at 220 & Change? E-mail us with your information to info@220andChange.org.

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