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Rosa E. Mitsumasu Scotti ~ Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

“I enjoy being at Impact Hub, I have a community and I’m not the eccentric one here!” [laughs] “It’s nice to be around people that have similar interests”. That’s Amy Voros in a nutshell: At first sight, a typical Seattleite with shy smile and hesitation, but there’s so much more: A Hub Host, business owner and speaker at Ignite 2013, Amy has a lot of projects and loves to work with people of all types.

I joined her Accountability Group on a Friday afternoon, and afterwards, we chatted over coffee about her goals and dreams.

Amy Voros, Certified Coach and Owner of Catapult Coaching
Amy Voros, Certified Coach and Owner of Creative Catapult Coaching

Rosa: Hi Amy, thanks for taking a minute of your day to chat. You have an interesting approach to coaching and call yourself a ‘coach for divergents’, what exactly do you mean by that?

Amy: I work with gifted, creative, divergent thinkers, ADHD folks or anyone who feels different for whatever reason.  But everyone’s welcome.  My coaching strategy varies case-by-case depending on the person I’m working with, but I usually pose questions and let people answer, then I reflect back on what they said.  I help them look at why – maybe they’re too tired, didn’t know where to start, maybe they weren’t too interested…  I help people identify causes on why they can’t move forward.

For instance, one of my clients wanted to feel less stressed about business and personal relationships so we sat down and talked about what was important to her, taking a look at how she built different rhythms in her day, realizing she was missing pieces that were important like taking care of herself.  I help my clients prioritize where their energy goes, not only what they think they should think is important, but what actually is.

R:  How did you get involved with coaching?

A: I was looking for a way to manage my own life and I came across the concept of coaching. I’ve always been a good listener, good at seeing connections; I did this with my friends and family, and one day I realized I could do this professionally!

I toyed with entrepreneurship a couple of times: I did web development and ran a festival called Lakefest, in Eastlake, for several years.  I always knew I wanted to be independent, but I wasn’t making much money, especially for the stress at the time so it didn’t feel sustainable.

Coaching offers the ability to be involved with other people’s work, and help them be excited about what they’re doing and help them get where they need to be with to be.  Technology, education and community were always part of my life and I love being able to incorporate these elements in my current work.

R: This is your second time hosting at Impact Hub, how has this influenced you and your work?

I enjoy hosting at Impact Hub, I have an intentional community and I’m not the weird one here! [laughs] It’s nice to be around people that have similar intensiteies.  My host project is the Accountability Group, the goal is to have a group that shares their day/week schedule, plans, challenges and plans to accomplish their goals.

This is my host project from the first round, originally created this project because my own work and productivity is better if I tell people what I’m doing and I have ‘cheerleaders’ or people supporting me outside of myself.  I’m not always great keeping track of tasks on my own or generating ongoing enthusiasm.  It’s a six week group, for anyone that is looking to have accountability through others.  Because of the momentum the group generates, I’ll accept people up through week 3, but it’s hard to add people too late because the group has a dynamic and progressive schedule.

It’s been great to have people join the group, checking with each other outside of our meeting times. It’s fun to see the group being here and supportive for everybody, that’s a great feeling!

R: Can you elaborate a bit more on the group dynamic?

A: Sure, we have six sessions, one per week – this is Week 5.  I facilitate the group, bringing forward issues and topics surfaced by group members.  It’s about figuring out what’s going on, planning, aligning (dealing with things that are important to you, breath and balance).  We strive for A-CAAR: Awareness, Clarity, Alignment, Action and Results.

You have a few tasks in a day, and you speculate/think you know how long it takes, each of the participants talked about their achievements for the week.  Another focus is to take care of ourselves, to be productive, get things done, it’s important to plan for fun as well.

R: How are you implementing these strategies for yourself?

Visibility is something I’m working on, I want to be out there, for people to hire me for my business, I’m in the member mentor office hours and a couple of people have signed up.  Also not overworking myself.


Amy’s a Personal Coach for Divergents with Creative Catapult Coaching, which means that she coaches with different types of people who think of themselves as highly sensitive, anxious, or just different; she’s also an Impact Hub host and has a session on Fridays called Accountability Group, which starts again this July 11th.

If you’re interested in coaching, check out the Creative Catapult Coaching website!




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